Not that anyone ever believes Oracle employees when we say “it works for me”, but “it works for me”.  I installed with 10.9.3 with 1.7.0_60 installed (and have subsequently upgraded to 10.9.4).


Sten, first, what does the log file say?


Following that, can you try 3 things from the command line:


1) Run “shasum ./jdev_suite_121300.jar”  This should return the following checksum to prove the validity of your file: 5233616b752658c948230b1a8ed366205b36d807


2) Execute “jar -tvf ./jdev_suite_121300.jar” to see if it further validates from the jar utilities perspective.


3) Finally also try the following instead to install the jar:


/usr/libexec/java_home –version 1.7.0 –exec java -jar ./<filename>.jar


Let us know how you fly.

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