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De: Agustina Ricciardi <>
Data: 27 de março de 2018 01:04:41 BRT
Para: "" <>
Assunto: Oracle projects IT Convergence Brazil

Dear colleague,

This is Agustina Ricciardi managing HR in Latam and Brazil for IT Convergence, I would like to get it in touch with you as at this moment we have many important projects in Brazil for global companies, and I would love to connect with you to discuss some of these opportunities. If you find it convenient, would you kindly send over your CV and or tel number so I can call you to give you more info?

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Para um de nossos clientes da global Fortune 100, a ITC contratará para o Brasil consultores Oracle funcional sênior em:

Consultor FA y GL com conhecimentos do livro RAS.

Consultor OTC (OM, AR, Billing)

Consultor PTP (RI, PO, AP)

Consultor Costos (PAC, INV, MFG)

Consultor Mastersaf Funcional

Consultor Oracle Tecnico (Integracion con Parceros Fiscales)

Consultor Synchro Funcional

Consultor iProcurement

Duração do projeto 6 meses.

Localização do projeto, Grande São Paulo, Brasil.

Candidatos interessados ??por favor envie seu currículo para

Agustina Ricciardi
Recruitment Manager
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USA: [1] (415) 675-7935 Ext. 2392 – Toll-free: [1] (800) 675-0032 Ext. 2392

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